GitHub Search Cheatsheet

GitHub Search Cheatsheet

All the GitHub search qualifiers in an easy to read list.

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Using this Cheatsheet

  • This cheat sheet is meant to be easy to skim and find what you're looking for. If you want more detailed descriptions and examples, please refer to  GitHub's official documentation.
  • Terms written in ALL CAPS are custom variables that you will need to type yourself.

Table of Contents

Search Syntax

Syntax Matches
N a number
>N greater than N
>=N greater than or equal to N
<N less than N
<=N less than or equal to N
N..* the same as >=N
*..N the same as <=N
N1..N2 between N1 and N2
YYYY-MM-DD a date
>YYYY-MM-DD later than YYYY-MM-DD
>=YYYY-MM-DD later than or on YYYY-MM-DD
<YYYY-MM-DD earlier than YYYY-MM-DD
<=YYYY-MM-DD earlier than or on YYYY-MM-DD
YYYY-MM-DD..* the same as >YYYY-MM-DD
*..YYYY-MM-DD the same as <YYYY-MM-DD
YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+HH:MM Date and time along with UTC offset (timezones). Can be used in place of YYYY-MM-DD
NOT QUERY you can pre-pend NOT to a QUERY to exclude it from results
-QUALIFIER a - preceding any qualifier will exclude it from results
@me can be used in place of a USERNAME to match your own account

Issues & Pull Requests (PRs)

These qualifiers apply to both issues and PRs. If you want to search only issues or only PRs, use type:issue or type:pr.

Qualifier Matches
type:issue only issues
is:issue Same as type:issue
type:pr only PRs
is:pr Same as type:pr
state:open open issues and PRs
is:open Same as state:open
state:closed closed issues and PRs
is:closed Same as state:closed
QUERY in:title titles containing the specified QUERY
QUERY in:body bodies containing the specified QUERY
QUERY in:comments comments containing the specified QUERY
is:public in public repos
is:private in private repos
author:USERNAME created by USERNAME
author:app/USERNAME created by an "integration account" USERNAME
assignee:USERNAME assigned to USERNAME
mentions:USERNAME mentions @USERNAME
commenter:USERNAME containing comment from USERNAME
involves:USERNAME where USERNAME is the author, assignee, a commenter, or they are mentioned
label:LABEL has the specified LABEL
milestone:MILESTONE in the specified milestone
project:PROJECT_BOARD in the project
project:REPOSITORY/PROJECT_BOARD in the project in the repo
language:LANGUAGE in repos using LANGUAGE (programming language)
comments:N has N comments (e.g. >100)
interactions:N has N interactions (e.g. >1200)
reactions:N has N reactions (e.g. <500)
created:YYYY-MM-DD created during specified date (e.g <2022-02-02)
updated:YYYY-MM-DD updated during specified date (e.g >2022-02-02)
closed:YYYY-MM-DD closed during specified date (e.g <=2022-02-02)
archived:true in a repo that has been archived
archived:false not in a repo that has been archived
is:locked conversation is locked
is:unlocked conversation is not locked
no:label has no labels
no:milestone has no milestone
no:assignee has no assignee
no:project has no project

Issues Only

Qualifier Matches
reason:complete closed as "completed"
reason:"not planned" closed as "not planned"
linked:pr is linked to a PR
-linked:pr is not linked to a PR

Pull Requests Only

Qualifier Matches
linked:issue is linked to an issue
-linked:issue is not linked to an issue
status:pending has pending status
status:success has success status
status:failure has failure status
SHA PR with commit SHA that starts with entered search term
head:HEAD_BRANCH opened from branch names beginning with HEAD_BRANCH
base:BASE_BRANCH being merged into BASE_BRANCH
draft:true draft PRs
draft:false non-draft PRs (available to be reviewed)
review:none has not been reviewed
review:required requires a review before it can be merged
review:approved has been approved by a reviewer
review:changes_requested a reviewer has requested changed before merging
reviewed-by:USERNAME has been reviewed by USERNAME
review-requested:USERNAME has a request for USERNAME to review
user-review-requested:@me you have been asked to review
team-review-requested:TEAMNAME TEAMNAME has been asked to review
merged:YYYY-MM-DD merged during specified date (e.g >=2022-02-02)
is:merged has been merged
is:unmerged has not been merged


Qualifier Matches
QUERY in:file QUERY appears in the file contents
QUERY in:path QUERY appears in the file path
user:USERNAME committed by USERNAME
org:ORGNAME owned by ORGNAME
path:/ located at the root level of a repo
path:DIRECTORY located within DIRECTORY or any of it's subdirectories
language:LANGUAGE written in the programming language LANGUAGE
size:N file size matches N in bytes (e.g. >10000)
filename:FILENAME file is named FILENAME
extension:EXTENSION has the file extension EXTENSION


Qualifier Matches
QUERY in:name has QUERY in the repo name
QUERY in:description has QUERY in the repo description
QUERY in:topics is labeled with QUERY as a topic.
QUERY in:readme has QUERY in the README file
user:USERNAME repos owned by USERNAME
org:ORGNAME repos owned by ORGNAME
size:N repos that are size N kilobytes in size (e.g. >1000)
followers:N repo with N followers
forks:N has N forks
stars:N has N stars
created:YYYY-MM-DD created on YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. <2021-03-02)
pushed:YYYY-MM-DD has commit pushed on YYYY-MM-DD (e.g. >2022-01-01)
language:LANGUAGE written in the programming language of LANGUAGE
topic:TOPIC has a topic of TOPIC
topics:N has N topics
license:LICENSE_KEYWORD is licensed under LICENSE_KEYWORD (list of license keywords)
is:public is public
is:private is private
mirror:true repos that are mirrors
mirror:false repos that are not mirrors
archived:true is archived
archived:false is not archived
good-first-issues:>n has N or more issues labeled good-first-issue
help-wanted-issues:>n has N or more issues labelled help-wanted
is:sponsorable repo owners have a GitHub Sponsors profile
has:funding-file has a FUNDING.yml file


Qualifier Matches
type:user only personal accounts
type:org only organizations
user:USERNAME user with the username USERNAME
org:ORGNAME organization with the name ORGNAME
QUERY in:login users with the QUERY in their username
QUERY in:name users whose real name contains QUERY
fullname:FIRSTNAME LASTNAME user with the full name FIRSTNAME LASTNAME
QUERY in:email users with QUERY in their email.
repos:N users with N repositories (e.g. >100)
location:LOCATION users that specified LOCATION as their location in their profile
language:LANGUAGE users with a majority of their repos written in LANGUAGE
created:YYYY-MM-DD users that joined on YYYY-MM-DD
followers:N users with N followers
is:sponsorable users and organizations who have a GitHub Sponsors profile


Qualifier Matches
author:USERNAME commits authored by USERNAME
committer:USERNAME committed by USERNAME
author-name:NAME commits with NAME in the author name
committer-name:NAME commits with NAME in the committer name.
author-email:EMAIL authored by EMAIL
committer-email:EMAIL committed by EMAIL
author-date:YYYY-MM-DD commits authored on YYYY-MM-DD
committer-date:YYYY-MM-DD commits committed on YYYY-MM-DD
merge:true merge commits
merge:false non-merge commits
hash:HASH commits with the hash of HASH
parent:HASH children of commits with the hash of HASH
tree:HASH commits that refer to the tree hash of HASH.
user:USERNAME commits in repositories owned by USERNAME
org:ORGNAME commits in repositories owned by ORGNAME
repo:USERNAME/REPO commits in the repository USERNAME/REPO
is:public commits to public repositories
is:private commits to private repositories


Qualifier Matches
QUERY in:title discussions with QUERY in the title
QUERY in:body discussions with QUERY in the body
QUERY in:comments discussions with QUERY in the comments
user:USERNAME in repos owned by USERNAME
org:ORGNAME discussions in repos owned by ORGNAME
is:public in public repos
is:private in private repos
author:USERNAME discussions created by USERNAME
commenter:USERNAME discussons commented on by USERNAME
involves:USERNAME discussions involving USERNAME
comments:N discussions with N comments
created:YYYY-MM-DD discussions created on YYYY-MM-DD
updated:YYYY-MM-DD discussions updated on YYYY-MM-DD


Qualifier Matches
user:USERNAME wiki in repos owned by USERNAME
org:ORGNAME in repos owned by ORGNAME
QUERY in:title wiki pages with titles containing QUERY
QUERY in:body wiki pages with body text containing QUERY
updated:YYYY-MM-DD wikis updated on YYYY-MM-DD


Qualifier Matches
QUERY fork:true Repos and forks that contain QUERY
QUERY fork:only only forks that contain QUERY


Qualifier Matches
is:curated topics that are curated
is:featured topics that are featured on
is:not-curated topics that are not curated
is:not-featured topics that are not featured on
repositories:N topics that have N repos
created:YYYY-MM-DD topics created on YYYY-MM-DD


Qualifier Matches
user:USERNAME packages owned USERNAME
org:ORGNAME packages owned by ORGNAME
is:public public packages
is:private private packages

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