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Travis Wimer
ZEN Kayak

ZEN Kayak

ZEN Kayak

Mobile app for finding places to kayak.

Published / By Travis Wimer
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About this Project

ZEN Kayak is an Android and iOS mobile app that helps kayakers find places to launch their kayak.

I built it using React Native with Apollo/GraphQL and a Firebase backend.

The app depends heavily on geolocation permissions and MapBox to track the user's coordinates while they are kayaking.

Algolia is utilized to allow users to search by location.

It is a "freemium" app that uses RevenueCat to manage premium account subscriptions.

Tech Stack

  • React Native - A framework built on top of React to simplify developing mobile apps.
  • Apollo - A client and server library for utilizing a GraphQL API.
  • Firebase - A backend app development platform.
  • Jest - A JavaScript testing framework.
  • MapBox - A map and geolocation data platform.
  • Algolia - A hosted search platform.
  • RevenueCat - An in-app purchase/subscription management platform.
  • Storybook - An open source tool for building UI components and pages in isolation.

Other tools

  • Xcode - Apple's official IDE for iOS.
  • AndroidStudio - The official IDE for Android app development.

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